Streamline backup with a cloud-integrated all-in-one data protection solution for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware.


Barracuda Backup combines storage, software, and inline deduplication, to ensure your data is protected against loss no matter what happens. It’s easy to deploy, usually in less than an hour. There are no per-application or per-agent licensing fees, and its single-pane-of-glass admin console makes management fast and easy.



The Barracuda Backup Vx is a pre-configured, software-based virtual-machine-icon-10
appliance that provides comparable functionality to the
Barracuda Backup
physical appliance:

  • Allows customers to deploy the Barracuda Backup product on their own
    infrastructure using their own storage.

  • Helps fully virtualized customers more effectively use and deploy
    Barracuda Backup to protect their virtual environment without deploying
    a physical appliance.

  • Can scale up to a larger capacity at any time simply by expanding the
    virtual disk size; no data migration is necessary.

  • Includes replication options for multiple locations including a Backup
    Receiver, a Backup Appliance, or Barracuda's Cloud Storage. 


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Recover Data Fast from Any Device

Backing up your data is only part of the story. Barracuda makes it simple to recover to a snapshot in time or just recover a set of affected files. 

If your primary storage is lost or no longer available, you can easily access your data stored in Barracuda Backup and even spin up a virtual machine in minutes with a complete set of your data. Barracuda LiveBoot provides fast and easy recovery for on-premises VMware environments. Cloud LiveBoot allows you to boot VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs) in the Barracuda Cloud for testing and file-based recovery.





Inline Data Deduplication

Integrated Cloud Replication

Site-to-Site Replication

LiveBoot and Cloud LiveBoot

Granular File and Message Recovery

Unified Cloud Management Interface

No Per-Application or Per-Feature Fees

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup