Secure the #1 Threat Vector in Microsoft Office 365


Barracuda Essentials

Barracuda Essentials provides critical multi-layer
email security, archiving, and backup for Office
365, allowing organisations to prepare, migrate
and operate faster, 
safer, and more efficiently. 


Barracuda Sentinel

Barracuda Sentinel is an AI-based service for
Office 365 that stops spear phishing and other
email attacks from reaching your user inboxes, complementing your existing email security
without impacting network performance.

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Why is third-party security necessary for Office 365?image745

Most cloud service providers, including Microsoft, follow a Shared Responsibility Model outlining which areas the cloud providers or the users themselves are responsible for securing.

As a simplified summary, security 'OF' the cloud - like infrastructure vulnerabilities - is the responsibility of your provider, and security IN the cloud - like advanced email security - is the responsibility of the user, leading organisations to seek out third-part solutions to look after these areas. 

Read the blog Understanding Shared Responsibility for Cloud Services to learn more.

Microsoft + Barracuda = Peace of Mind

Barracuda Essentials and Sentinel provide the industry’s most comprehensive security and data protection solution for Office 365.

Barracuda lets you quickly protect your business and customers from the most sophisticated and cyber-threats. Our award-winning spam filtering keeps your employees productive. Our cloud-to-cloud backup even protects you against accidental or intentional deletion of emails by employees.

Stop Email-Borne Threats Before They Hit Your Mail Server

Email is the top threat vector for ransomware and other advanced threats. Capture-4You need to ensure that your business data and users are protected from advanced and constantly evolving security threats. This requires a layer of security beyond the standard Exchange Online Protection (EOP).

Barracuda offers two cloud-based services that protect all your business email in Office 365 with zero impact on email performance. Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 is a comprehensive email security suite that filters every inbound and outbound email to stop spam, viruses, data leaks, and malware. Barracuda Sentinel goes a step further to use an AI engine to inspect all the emails already in your in box to block against impersonation-based fraud such as phishing. Together, they provide the industry’s best and most cost-effective protection for Office 365 users.


Solution Brief

Solution Brief: Total Email Protection with Barracuda

Automated Data Protection and Quick Recovery

statsBarracuda Essentials provides a backup and recovery solution to organisations that seek cloud agility but refuse to compromise on control or accountability - Cloud-to-Cloud Backup.

With Cloud-to-Cloud Backup users can eliminate the risk of items lost due to accidental deletion - the number one cause of data loss in SaaS deployments - as well as gain the ability to retain emails and files indefinitely, all without having to purchase additional licenses.

All Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business data is deduplicated and compressed for for maximum storage efficiency and reduced backup windows before being stored in the Barracuda Cloud.


White Paper

White Paper: Unlimited Cloud Storage with Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Add a Secure, Tamper-Proof Archive to Office 365

Your business email is often the best record of important communication. Capture2-1There are often legal requirements and business reasons to ensure that important emails are retained in a tamper-proof archive and easily searched. Barracuda Essentials integrates with Office 365 to create a powerful yet extremely intuitive email retention and e-discovery system.

The standard Office 365 “in-place” approach to long-term email retention can be complex and expensive to operate. Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 follows the accepted “best practice” approach for compliance by archiving an original copy of every email into a secure and immutable cloud separately from Office 365 for long term retention and preservation.


Solution BriefSolution Brief: Archiving from Office 365 for Compliance



Barracuda is a Microsoft Gold Partner. We work with Microsoft across
a variety of platforms including Azure, Office 365, Exchange, and
Hyper-V. Microsoft Hyper-V: All of Barracuda’s virtual appliances run
on the Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtual platform. Additionally, our storage
solutions are certified to protect VMware environments.