Cloud Deployments Demand Cloud-Generation Firewalls

CloudGen Firewall

Distributed Layer 4 security solution that
was built for AWS and can be deployed in
hybrid environments. Adds protection to
solutions like Direct Connect.


CloudGen Web Application Firewall

Protects web-facing applications from
cyber-attacks including OWASP top-10 and
advanced persistent threats, as well as
providing full monitoring.

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Get the Datasheet



Stay Protected from Countless Threats

Barracuda CloudGen WAF detects a wide variety of application vulnerabilities as well as zero-hour and advanced threats. It's a non-invasive, cloud-based tool, with no impact on your operations.

The WAF has achieved the AWS APN Security Competency, meaning it's been pre-qualified by AWS Solution Architects as a well-designed solution. 

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Secure Workload Migration

As you migrate your workloads to AWS, it's crucial that you ensure the security of those workloads as part of the AWS shared security responsibility model.

Automate Security Deployments

Barracuda APIs let you integrate security directly into your packaged applications with support for orchestration tools like Puppet.

Secure Remote Access

Barracuda adds virtually unlimited capability to remotely connect users to your AWS environment with granular control by user and application.

Automate Security Deployments


In the on-premises world, security is usually treated as a networking function. In the cloud, you can design security directly into your applications by using APIs. Published integrations with orchestration tools like Puppet let you automatically incorporate CloudGen WAFs into your packaged applications when they are deployed.

Barracuda CloudGen WAF APIs are publicly available in GitHub and leverage features built into orchestration platforms without any changes to your application user interface or additional overhead. This streamlines development by removing the additional step of adding security into already-built applications, and it eliminates security vulnerabilities that were inadvertently designed-in.



Secure Access to the AWS Cloud

When moving from an on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, securing remote users access becomes critical. Your remote users need to have access across a range of devices – from mobiles to laptops. Unfortunately, the security built-in to such devices often leaves security gaps and compromises the ability to leverage AWS for these mission-critical applications.


The CloudGen Firewall provides VPN clients for both desktop
and mobile users. Highly granular access control that
can be defined both by user
and application further hardens your organisation's security when running mission-critical apps in the cloud.


The Barracuda CloudGen Firewall includes Barracuda's high-speed TINA tunnel. This was developed to overcome limitations that come with standard IPsec connections, and TINA (Transport Independent Network Architecture) protocol allows the use of TCP, UDP, and ESP for high speed VPN connections, which improves the VPN connectivity and supports transit VPCs.